Product Compliance and Certification Services:

We can assist in getting your products tested and certified for compliance to relevant industry standards.​

We also offer pre-development consultation so that your products are designed and developed with compliance in mind. This will save a lot of time and money during your product release phase.

Market Analysis and Validation Serices
We can perform targeted market analysis including electronic and face to face surveying to validate your proposed products

Proof of Concept and Rapid Prototyping Services:

If you have an idea that you want to commercialise, we can rapidly develop a POC or prototype. Our consultant will work with you to understand your idea, agree on the deliverables and provide a fixed cost for the service. 


Product Re-Design Services:
We provide product re-design and drawing services for aspects such as:

- Reducing costs and improving turnaround

- Adapting to new technology

- Reducing risk due to legacy or obsolete components

- Outsourcing the manufacturing function

- Quality control and continuous improvements

- Market driven improvements

Product Design and Drawing services:
We can create version controlled drawings starting from your existing drawings or directly from your products if you do not have current drawings. We can also produce and maintain manufacturing data packs and provide controlled access to your manufacturing partners. Maintaining version controlled drawings makes the manufacturing process streamlined and improves reliability and quality.

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Intellectual Property Services

We provide IP services including patents, trademarks, branding, domain management, licencing and legal services​.We can provide these services Internationally.